At a time when there are a plethora of opportunities and avenues available for graduating pharma & life sciences students, it is important for you to be well informed to enable you to take the right career decision. This forum is created to guide you through your career decision making process.

  • Unique web portal designed exclusively for the healthcare industry to guide pharmacy & life sciences students through their career journey
  • Well researched and acclaimed Talent assessments to understand student member’s strengths and mapping of interest areas to career path
  • Panel of mentors with extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare industry
  • Guidance and information on varied verticals from the healthcare industry
  • Understand your strengths and interest areas so as to embark on a path that’s satisfying
  • Get access to a career mapping session with the counsellor team
  • Be matched to a mentor herein who can guide you through your career decision making process
  • Interact with your matched mentor for ONE customised career accelerator session
  • Enroll as a Member at PlatPharm if you are: —
    • Third and Final Year students pursuing Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Sciences & life sciences in India
    • Students pursuing Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Sciences & life sciences in India

Career Accelerator Module

How it works?

  • Register Online & get log in details as member.
  • Continue interactions through this online portal virtually
  • Talent assessment to be conducted for the member
  • Analysis and report to be discussed with the member in a one-on-one virtual session with the Counsellor Team
  • Based on discussions, mentor matching to be done for the member by the Counsellor Team.
  • Access to the matched mentor will then be given to the member. All interactions between mentor and mentee to happen strictly through this portal using the member dashboard
  • Each member will have ONE customised accelerator session with the matched mentor
  • All interactions to be scheduled, tracked and monitored through the member dashboard
    • Member can decide to renew the Career Accelerator Module if they would like to interact with a mentor from another area/vertical.
*No Talent assessment will be done on renewal

Registration Details

  • Online Registration to PlatPharm will be Rs. 5999 per student
  • The above charges will cover the talent assessment, career mapping and ONE career accelerator session with the matched mentor
  • Renewal of the services for the existing members can be customised based on individual needs